Biofin Cosmetics provide very gentle, sensitive and hygienic, soft baby care with herbal, natural ingredients. Biofin baby wash series are formulated to cleanse, relax, moisturize and soothe the baby skin gently and sensitively.

Biofin baby wash products include baby shampoos, baby bath and shower gels, baby body wash products has been formulated for your baby, either for a longer bath or shower, providing extra sensitive and gentle care for your baby during bath time to make it easier and more fun for your baby.

Biofin baby wash products help cleansing and moisturizing your newborn’s skin and hair. Biofin baby wash products cleanses baby hair and skin gently and easily rinsed off, leaving the baby shair and kin soft, moisturized and clean.

Biofin baby wash products are all hygienic, hypoallergenic, soft, paraben free. They are formulated to relax, soothe the baby skin and hair and to help giving a good night sleep to your baby.

Use biofin baby wash products with warm water in advance, gently lather, rinse, and snuggle.